• The Galactic Superstar McAwesomeville Society

    The Galactic Superstar McAwesomeville Society

    That’s right. We’re superstars. Myself and a group of other local photographers got together at a bar several weeks ago and decided to start some regular get-togethers. The name is a reference to “How I Met Your Mother”. Which is an awesome show, if you don’t watch it you don’t know what you’re missing! Anyway… [...]

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  • Goodwill


    In the early part of March my friend Jordan and I decided we needed some new profile pictures for Facebook. A simple plain snapshot isn’t enough for either of us. We’re photographers after all and we both love to use too much gear (sometimes), post process overboard (sometimes), and buy lots of gear (way too [...]

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  • California Girl

    California Girl

    This past March I was contacted by a model from California who was coming to Nebraska to spend some time with family. While she was here we got together to shoot. With the help of Daniel Munoz, I was put together again with Sirens Day Spa for Lisa’s hair and make-up. After getting ready, we [...]

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  • House of Style

    House of Style

    This past February I went to my first House of Style event at Siren’s Day Spa in downtown Omaha, Nebraska. The event consisted of a large number of both photographers and models in addition to the amazing staff at Sirens who provided hair and make up styling for the models. Normally I don’t like large [...]

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  • Madeline Meints

    Madeline Meints

    This past summer I did a shoot with my friend Abbey Corbet out at Fremont Lake. We shot Jamie Kullman and her boyfriend in an Abercrombie inspired shoot. Abbey told me how great Madeline was and after many months I finally got the opportunity to shoot her! She came to my studio this February and [...]

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  • I’m teaching a Lightroom Class!

    I’m teaching a Lightroom Class!

    On March 12th from 9 AM to 1 PM I’ll be teaching a class on the Lightroom Develop module at a local studio/learning center called My Studio. To help people make the decision on whether this class is right for them, I thought I’d show a recent shot I processed. Below you’ll find it as [...]

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